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Boho Love Seat

This deep-button beauty would love you to surrender to its subtle charms at the end of a demanding day. Resistance

Lazy Love Seat

This deep love seat has a glamorous, pre-war feel to it. With her faded grandeur but extremely high squish factor,

Squishy Love Seat

Squishy by name, squishy by nature. Look closely and you’ll see we’ve padded the arms inside and out. It’s all

Sugarbean Love Seat

With “blind” buttons on the seat instead of the back, this love seat is our squishy twist on quite a

Sugarloaf Love Seat

We made this deep seat with you film buffs in mind. Now sit back and pass the popcorn! Dimensions Width

Sugarplum Love Seat

Flop on. And curl up. The deep-seated squish does it for us every time. Dimensions Width Dpeth Height External (cm)